"Bisabuelo, at my age you were fighting in Europe and saving lives. I haven't saved anyone"
Allie, First at Last - Angela Cervantes

This quote comes from the book Allie, First at Last, and shows readers of the book how the main character, Allie, thinks of herself.


Allie comes from a family of very successful kids. Whether it be her well-rounded sister, or her soccer super-star brother someone her family is always winning something, except her. This really gets to her head and she decides to devote all her time to a volcano for the science fair at her school. After she makes it all she goes to present it, however someone puts slime in it causing her to not win. This upsets her a lot and this is where the quote comes from.


"Bisabuelo" is Allie's grandfather, and she admires him greatly. In the quote her grandfather is attempting to make er feel better after her loss of the science fair. However, Allie has a perception that her grandfather was doing so much at her age, even if he wasn't. This shows the reader that Allie thinks she is inferior to everyone (even if it isn't true).


This quote not only shows reader how Allie thinks of herself, but gives them a good life lesson. That life lesson is that not everyone is so amazing. Sometimes people think this and causes them to think so lowly of themselves, and when people think this low of themselves it makes it harder to achieve what their goals.


So take away this from my blog. Don't think of yourself so low. You can do anything if you think you can.