Just an Update for yinz !!!11

Recently I have finished my "favorite book ever." However, this book is no longer my favorite. This is all due to the terrible ending. It was all good up until then. However, the book had to do me like this. I will no longer be reading anymore of Angela Cervantes's work. I suggest reading the book, but only up to page 160.



I have also been taking a gander at other blog posts. I feel that I give more explanation with my blog posts. I have been reading and following my new favorite blog. This blog is run by Conner it is called "Title." I like his style of writing. It is straight to the point, and I like how he gives spoiler alerts. It is something that I need to look into doing. However, our styles are completely different. I like to explain my thought process while writing, but Conner just likes giving out facts. I feel that I prefer his method at time.


I also have discovered a FANTASTIC method of finding new books on Booklikes and I suggest you try it out. This method is following a bunch of people and reading their blogs. I know it might sound crazy but there are a lot of people trying to run a successful blog like mine, so they're reviewing books. They might just review your next favorite book. So try it out!


Catch ya on the flippity flip!